Environmental Audits for Regulatory Compliance

We believe that it is becoming increasingly important for you as a manager to have a reliable environmental assessment of your operation.  What regulations impact upon it, what is the status of its compliance with existing regulations and what plans should be made for compliance with future regulations are questions you as a manager must have answers to.  This can be accomplished by an environmental audit--followed by a full report dealing with the above questions and suggesting how you best can organize for necessary action.

EML specializes in regulatory compliance and is committed to excellence under the authorities of:

    RCRA: Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (hazardous waste management)

    OSHA: Occupational Safety and Health (personnel protection, chemical handling, hazard 

                 communications, etc.)


    CWA: Clean Water Act (best management practices, sewer use ordinances, permit     


    TSA: Transportation Safety Act (hazardous materials transportation requirements, etc.)

    CAA: Clean Air Act (Title V, NESHAPS, state and local requirements)

    CERCLA: Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (due 

                       diligence assessments, voluntary cleanup programs, PRP management 


In addition to the above, EML maintains a working knowledge of most other environmental regulations or performance requirements facing the regulated community today.  Combining the multi-disciplined in-house staff with a vast network of affiliated resources allows for immediate access to experts in solving your permitting, regulatory, and program management issues.

If you would like to request a regulatory compliance audit, feel free to email us, being sure to include the following pieces of information:

Or click here for a printer-friendly form that you may fax to us at (845) 208-0451.

Regardless of which method you choose, you will be contacted within one business day with a response to your request.