Environmental Management, Ltd. (EML) is a client-centered company which seeks to assist in the management of the impact of environmental and safety concerns in the most profit effective manner. It is our experience that most businesses are financially more prudent using outside experts as needed rather than trying to meet all environmental and safety concerns in-house. We can perform these vital services for our clients because our professional staff: 

   Constantly obtains and reviews agency publications, proposed and pending laws and regulations, pertinent media issues and actions of public and community organizations. This is done for the local, state, and national levels

      Maintains a working relationship with elected representatives and appropriate governmental agency leaders and their staff

   Has in-depth experience in environmental and safety management for a broad range of manufacturing and service companies, representing business at review hearings, committees, in the management of citations and complaints, and with news media contacts

       Believes that EML must, at all times, act in an ethical, legal, and confidential manner to protect the interest of the client--its employees, business, profits, and reputation

 We have found that it is in the best interest of the client to:

1.      Take steps which will exempt the client's business from being impacted by environmental and safety laws. (Substitution of materials, converting waste into a byproduct, operational changes, subcontracting hazardous operations to experts, etc..)

2.      Take preventive actions which will ameliorate any future impact on the client's business. (Prepare and act on potential problems, issue and follow internal time tables, design to reduce hazardous materials, enforce safety programs, train personnel, and document action taken.) 

3.      Take timely, positive steps to correct problems, and respond to complaints and citations. (Guide the client for legal advice and expertise on the subject, commitment of resources, assigning responsibility for correction, preparation of time tables, and selection of contractors.)